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Prism Garden | 0 × 0 = ∞ (Mugendai) Project

Prism Garden | 0 × 0 = ∞ (Mugendai) Project

NAKED 2014, as a future creation project, Naked has been co-creating activities in Japan and overseas with children and companies in the region to creatively express the charm and feelings of the region for the future. projection mapping was done with current students and their parents on the wall of the closed school building as "memories of the last school building" in 2015. At Kesennuma Mukai High School in Miyagi Prefecture in 2014, we co-created projection mapping that draws the best school building in Japan with current students for the third year students who spent three years in high school in the temporary school building due to the Great East Japan Earthquake. .. NAKED to creatively express their free creativity and their feelings toward adults and corporate children in the area by using projection mapping

As part of this future creation project, in practice type of project, "0 × 0 = ∞ (Mugendai) project" to foster the Osaka University of Arts and creativity than 2016, Osaka Osaka University of Arts, Art Science Course wish to students and participation of Supports the planning, production and production of works by students, including high school students. Osaka, the birthplace of our representative Muramatsu, is a region that Muramatsu is even more fond of, and we are working to foster the creativity of the creators of Osaka who will create the next generation.

In 2020, projection mapping 's work "Memory of the Four Seasons", which was produced with first-year students of Osaka Osaka University of Arts, Art Science Course and high school students who wish to participate, will be released from December 18th (Friday). , Osaka Osaka University of Arts, Art Science Course will release the interactive work "Prism Garden" that I have produced with the 3rd year students. The production of this work began in November 2020, and with the advice of the creative team of NAKED, the students created the program and the video of projection mapping by themselves. ..
Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, opportunities to exhibit works in real places such as events and exhibitions have been lost, so we thought that it would be meaningful not only to create works but also to deliver them, so we produced them within this project. The work I have done will be announced with the cooperation of Abeno Harukas Observatory "Harukas 300", the tallest building in Japan provided by Kintetsu Real Estate.

NAKED will continue to contribute to the local community and foster children's creativity through future creation project activities in Japan and overseas.

[ Overview ]

Title of work: Prism Garden
Period: February 8th (Monday) -February 28th (Sunday), 2021
Time: 18:00 – 20:00
* Business hours are subject to change without prior notice.
Location: Abeno Harukas Observatory "Harukas 300"
Fee: You can enjoy it only with the entrance fee to the observatory.
Planning / Production: 0 × 0 = ∞ PROJECT
Cooperation: Department of Art Science, Osaka University of Arts, Kintetsu Real Estate Co., Ltd.
Comprehensive production: NAKED, INC.

About the work

The title of this work is "Prism Garden". The herbarium placed in front of the twin towers was designated as the "time when it stopped" when various seasonal events were canceled due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, and the light of hope that the experiencer had (smartphone light). It is an interactive work with a message that flowers will bloom in the twin towers when you hold it over and entrust it to the future.

About the 0 × 0 = ∞ (Mugendai) project

A collaborative project between NAKED and students from the Art Science Course at Osaka University of Arts to create new things from scratch. Ryotaro Muramatsu, a guest lecturer at the Osaka University of Arts and the CEO of NAKED, plans, directs and produces works together with students from scratch. This project aims to bring out the students’ creativity and potential as well as the ability to carve out their futures through projects that incorporate “a new type of light based artistic science” that help the students experience art production.